How to brew green tea

How to brew green tea

How to brew green tea

You should pay attention to some important points for brewing green tea , You can also use a variety of flavors to flavor green tea.In the next section, takspice offers the best way to brew green tea and the finest flavors , Follow this article

You need about 5 grams of green tea to make a large cup or a glass of green tea

5 grams of green tea is about 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves

If your green tea is powdered, 1/4 cup spoon is 5 grams

If the green tea is fine, then 1/2 cup spoon is 5 grams

Prepare the right amount for your green tea

Prepare a large cup or a glass of boiling water , The good temperature for brew green tea is 80 ° C , So pour the boiling water into the glass and wait 30 seconds to reduce temperature and be suitable for brewing green tea.

Then pour the green tea into a lace (You can use from green tea special glass)

Put a lace contain green tea leaves into boiling water and leave the container lid.

Keep the green tea in boiling water for about 5 minutes , Then remove the tea strainer contains green tea , Green tea brewed and ready to drinking

The flavors of green tea are very diverse

One of the best flavors in combination with green tea leaf is mint and lemon , When adding green tea leaves, add a few mint leaves and the lemon , then remove the mint and lemon and green tea leaves after brewing.

One of the best and most popular are flavored green tea with honey and lemon , Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 fresh lime to each large cup of green tea, If you want green tea to be completely a diet, you can remove honey and just add your lime

You can also use ginger to flavor green tea , Grind fresh ginger or use dry ginger pieces , can hold ginger until the end of drinking green tea and do not remove it with green tea waste

A piece of cinnamon, a little powder of roses and lemon powder can also be good flavors for green tea.

Green tea has a cold nature and it is best to eat with foods that are hot or flavoring hot.

Green tea has types of varieties, and after brew its color can be from bright green to dark or even green which is close to yellow , And this depends on the type of green tea that is used

And changing the taste and color of green tea does not have to do with its quality , But be careful that green tea should not be too bitter and acerb , and this is a sign of old tea.

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