History and types of black tea

History and types of black tea

History and types of black tea

Black tea is the name of a beverage that comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis , The term “tea” is a Chinese word used in ancient China and northern India And we have entered exactly the same word in Persian.Tea bush was first recognized in China and about five thousand years ago ,Which gradually in addition to having a therapeutic effect, also used for coloring.Tea found in China as a grows itself plant and naturally , After a while,it have entered to the court of the kings as a brew drink, refreshing drink and restorative body , And even until the end of the last century, Black tea and green tea are expensive and luxurious drinks.

About the history of tea discovery,Many legends have said.It’s a story that one of the Chinese emperors ordered to expel someone from the city to punish . That person had wandered for sometime in the mountains and wilderness, and in the woods , And so it was very weak .Meanwhile, he saw a tree and The intensity of hunger eaten it leaf as a food , And after a while, the color and faces of her are quite beautiful to the back , secretly entered the city and spoke to one of the close relatives of the emperor.Finally, the emperor summoned him and was surprised that he was right and healthy.After this incident, the Emperor commissioned some physicians to investigate the properties of this plant.

They also said in the other legend that some people had gone to the forest for hunting , The meat poured one of their hunts into a bowl and covered it with tea branches.They went to the hunt again and returned. What they saw was very surprised, The meat was completely crushed , They informed result of this incident to the physicians ,And they found that the tea plant is very effective for digestion and early cooking of meat and beans.

The root of the appearance of black tea

Black tea originated in 1590 at the end of the Ming Dynasty and early in the Qing Dynasty in China.Before that, the Chinese only drank green tea or Oolong tea , Myths indicate that military men took refuge in a tea factory while crossing Fujian province,Which caused the production of green tea or Oolong tea to stop.Tea leaves exposed to sunshine were dry and oxidized , When troops left the area, the tea factory was restarted,But the color of the tea was red or black , and the taste and smell of tea had special energized , At this time, military men decided to accelerate the process of oxidizing , The leaves were dried on pine wood.

This was the origin of the first black tea known as Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang means high mountains , And Souchong means small leaves of tea tree , But English and Dutch traders used first invented the term “black tea”.In 1610, the Dutch brought black tea to Europe, and entered the United Kingdom in 1658.With the increasing popularity of black tea, the British decided to grow it in Darjeeling and Assam in India.Black tea types are now grown in China and India,But in India, black tea is grown from Camilla Osamica .It’s interesting to know that black tea in China is known as red tea due to its reddish color.

The history of tea Consumption in Iran has been reported since the seventeenth century , The tourists reported from coffee houses that Rich men gathered there and drank tea.Meanwhile, in the same seventeenth century a businessman from Isfahani, Its trading range continued to India and brought and sold the goods to Europe.For the first time, he brought tea to Europe and looked at Europeans as a new delicious drink that they called “Tea” in India.

Tea growing in Iran began in 1314 AH.This year, one of the men of that era, Mohammad Mirza Kashf al-Saltanah, who was serving as the Iranian Consul General in India,He was able to return to Iran,brought difficulty shrub tea to iran , According to his studies on tea types and how they were planted , Selected the city of Lahijan for the good weather for the cultivation of tea.Today the city has become a tea cultivation center in Iran.Kashfal Saltaneh Tomb in Lahijan today has become a history treasure trove of Iranian tea in Lahijan.

After the China, in India and Japan, and after the nineteenth century, tea cultivation developed into different parts and Cultivable of the world.In Russia and in 1885 by order of the time administration,<<Prince Varntsev>>They started tea cultivation in the Caucasus.Japan in the ninth century , In the nineteenth century,began tea cultivation in African countries and Ottomans , Tea seedlings grows in a land with red soil and some iron and its air humidity and The intensity of the cold air is not less than minus 10 degrees , Of course other conditions like weeding
And strengthening soil and pruning are among the important factors in this crop.

What are the types of black tea?

You can get different types of tea, such as green tea, yellow tea, white tea, and Oolong tea from the same black tea plant.Their only difference is in the production process.However, although a variety of black tea is produced from Camellia sinensis in China , But black tea in India produced from another type of tea called Camilla Osamica , The black tea produced from this plant has a stronger taste , And its leaves are larger than Camilla Cynnassis tea , in continue we have put a list of different kinds of black tea that you should try.

چای سبز green tea
چای زرد yellow tea
چای سفید White tea
چای اولانگ oolang tea

List of all types of black tea based on the production area

–Lapzang Souhong
–Fujian Minhang
–Anhui Kimon
–Yunnan Dianung
–Black Tea Daghilin
–Assam Black Tea
–Black Tea Ceylon
–Nilchi black tea
–Kenyan black tea

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