How to prepare black tea

How to prepare black tea

How to prepare black tea

Tea at home or in the coffee house , The result of several processes that are performed on green tea leaves.The overall process of black tea production consists of two steps: Formal or orthodox method and informal method. In the formal way all processes of tea-like production,Wilting , rubbing, fermentation and drying of tea leaf should be done, But in the informal way, some black tea production processes are mixed together.Most foreign black tea producers, such as Kenya, India and Bangladesh, use informal methods.

Handmade black tea

handmade Tea is one of the methods of tea production that all tea production processes is Manually , In the old days, there was no factory that people left the tea to the factory and deliverd the black tea, As a result, the villagers had to produce their own black tea. In handmade tea production processes, first you need to picking a tea leaf containing two leaves of a bud.After picking the green tea leaves, put the leaves for a specific time and at a specific place until the leaves of the tea are Wilting and faded.The Wilting makes the enzymes in the tea is activated and Causing the tea leaves to become black at the end of the production process. After wilting, it turns to rub the tea.You have to put tea in a large container , And rub with hand.Rubbing is stopped when the tea leaves completely roll and extracting own sap , The so-called foam ,After rubbing , leave half an hour the rubbed leaves ,extracted sap return into the leaves again, After half an hour, the rubbed leaves should be put underneath the sunshine ,Or you can put it on the stove , dry the tea leaves with the heat of the stove , After drying, the tea is ready to brew and drink.

مالش دادن چای

1-official or orthodox method

1- Picking a green tea leaf from tea gardens

The first step in the production of black tea was picking the green leaf of tea from the gardens and brought to the factory during certain steps.Picking a green tea leaf is not easy such as say it and it consists of several steps.In the old days, people did not use the technologies that we see today to pick up leaves ,And they did all the process of picking up with their hands.Of course, with the advent of technology, the best kind of tea is the green tea ,picking up manually , Which comes from two leaves and a bud.One of the reasons we see today is the existence of a variety of black tea, from high quality tea to tea stems (so-called tea wood).could point to picking of green tea leaf

چای سیاه black tea

2- Wilting

Wilting is the first stage in the process of tea production. The moisture of the tea leaves is pulled out at this stage so that the leaves are ready for the bruising and oxidation stages. The green leaf is automatically sent to the wilting room after they are carefully quality controlled by experienced experts. The tea is carried on narrow and long belts with low height. Sucking fans blow heat towards the cancellated netlike belts so that the tea leaves are wilted (dried out). The wilting stage causes physical changes (demoisturized, losing brittleness, and increasing the density of the substances inside the leaf) as well as chemical ones (stimulating the polyphenylene oxidize enzyme, decomposition of the protein in the leaf into the amino acids, decomposition of chlorophyll, etc.) in the leaves.

چای tea

3- Bruising

Bruising the green tea leaves taking place after the wilting stage includes: First: destroying the cell and rolling the leaves so that some of the leaf juices are released. Second: facilitating the oxidation due to the exposure to the air and the release of diastase which is a chemical in the leaf and is a kind of oxidize known as teas. In this process, the essence of the leaf or the content of the cell is preserved after wilting and drying so that when brewing the tea, the color and the taste is at the most pleasant level.

مالش چای Bruising

4- Fermentation (oxidation)

Oxidation (absorbing the oxygen in the air) is a necessary stage in the process of tea production, and it is the last chemical process following bruising. This process starts at the bruising stage and completes at this stage. The drying of the tea is stabilized (stopped) at the fermentation stage.

The oxidation stage is a very sensitive and important chemical process which is given a lot of importance at takspice Tea. The experts of takspice Tea are very well aware of the fact that a few minutes delay or rush in stopping the oxidation will have a great effect in the quality, smell, color, and the taste of the tea.

تخمیر چای Fermentation (oxidation)

5- Drying

Unlike the previous stages of picking, wilting, fermentation in which the green leaf is involved, the drying stage is in fact finishing the oxidation process, and preserving and stabilizing the specifications created in the leaf. The processed tea must be dried so that it does not change and delivers the quality aimed for. Two procedures are done at the drying stage. One is warming the leaf, and the other is drying it.

خشک کردن چای Drying

6- Sorting and classifying the tea

The produced tea is sorted, also referred to as classified, according to the size. Different sorted teas have different names and their provision on the market is based on these terms indicating the specifications of the tea.

سورتینگ چای Sorting

Different types of tea

  1. OP (Orange Pekoe): large – usually whole leaf or large cut
  2. OPS: relatively large
  3. FBOP (Broken): moderate size
  4. BOPI (Powdery): small
  5. Flower: The best produced tea regarding the benefits, color, smell, and taste.
  6. Dust

Furthermore, observing the hygiene and health principles in the production environment is one of the main principles of takspice Tea.

2-Informal or CTC

As we have seen in the formal way, all black tea production processes are carried out, But in the informal or non-orthodox way, black tea is otherwise produced.In this method, non-Wilting or few Wilting leaves are fermented and dried. In fact, the Wilting stage is largely eliminated ,And the stage of rubbing and drying together combines ,Which saves a lot of time.This type of tea is consumed in most countries of India and Kenya and in European countries,But in Iran, the focus is on the production of black tea in an official manner, and is not considered by the CTC method.

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