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Aloysia citrodora
Aloysia citrodora Aloysia citrodora is a herbal medicine that has Aroma like lemon and is useful for treating digestive diseases such as Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids,Helps reduce joint pain ، And improve fever and chills caused by colds.
Plantago major
Plantago major In India, it is known as the drug of life , It is a very useful medicinal plant that is used to prevent and treat bladder infection, colds, bronchitis, and hemorrhoids.
Silybum marianum
Silybum marianum Which is called English thorn , Scottish thorn , The holy thorn is also known ، One of the best herbs containing high levels of antioxidants which help to Extract poison from the liver , reduce body inflammation and improve food digestion is useful.
Ginseng One of the most popular herbal medicines in the world that has been used for centuries in Asia and the United States to treat severe headaches,Indigestion, infertility in men, as well as stress and depression.
Ziziphora One of the most widely used herbs in traditional medicine is the stomach pain, heartburn, diarrhea and respiratory diseases.
Lavender One of the best herbs in traditional medicine for weight loss ، high blood pressure treatment, diabetes and insomnia.
Valerian Valerian The plant is bush ، It has a short root and a plant with a height of 50 to 150 centimeters ، The flowers of this herb are clustered in white, pink or purple.
Paeonia lactiflora
Paeonia lactiflora chinese peony – Paeonia lactiflora , This type of plant is found mostly in the center to the east of Asia in the east of Tibet, in the north of the People's Republic of China and eastern Siberia , it has Between 60 cm and one meter high.
Bay laurel
Bay laurel Bay laurel with Scientific name Laurus nobilis ، A plant with a good smell and always green ، Which is found in the form of shrubs and trees.
Pennyroyal This plant is from the peppermint family ، Its well-known uses in cooking and confectionery and in traditional medicine are relaxing.